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Unlike Parker, Nat is a very "citified" bear. That's why he was thrilled to take the eastern United States for his portion of the bears' National Park Service tour. His stops were mostly (though not entirely) east of the Mississippi River. The parks there are often historic homes and urban parks. Perfect for a genteel and sophisticated bear like Nat!
Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Brecksville, Ohio

Week of May 6, 2002

Fall here must be beautiful! Enjoying my visit. Wish you were here! See you soon,


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Sagamore Hill National Historic Site

Oyster Bay, New York

Week of May 20, 2002

Hi! It's a beautiful day here in Oyster Bay and I'm enjoying my visit to Sagamore Hill. I'm sitting on the piazza overlooking the hill that's covered in daisies.

I learned today that TR received a bear cub as a gift and let his children keep him as a pet. His name was Jonathan Edwards and he roamed the grounds here at Sagamore Hill. What a neat place!

Love, Nat

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Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site

Hyde Park, New York

Week of June 3, 2002

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Women's Rights National Historical Park

Seneca Falls, New York

Week of June 17, 2002

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Homestead National Monument of America

Beatrice, Nebraska

Week of June 24, 2002

Had a glorious time out here in the Midwest! A wonderful celebration was in progress. I got to dance with some lovely Victorian dancers.



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William Howard Taft National Historic Site

Cincinnati, Ohio

Week of July 1, 2002

Nat is having a great time! He told us that WIHO [William Howard Taft NHS] was his FAVORITE park! He hopes that all is well back at THRI [Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural NHS] and that he'll be home soon.

Eric Patterson, WIHO Park Ranger & Nat's Secretary

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Martin Van Buren National Historic Site

Kinderhook, New York

Week of July 8, 2002

Arrived here July 1 and am receiving VIP treatment. Looking forward to spending the 4th with interpretation rangers here. Van Buren was a distant relative of TR!

Send my Hawaiian shirt - the tux is rather hot.


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Springfield Armory National Historic Site

Springfield, Massachusetts

Week of July 15, 2002

I am so excited! I have just arrived at the Springfield Armory NHS. Tonight I will be appearing on stage with the "Valley Swing Orchestra," tributes to "Frank Sinatra," and "The Andrews Sisters." I will be the only dancing bear at the concert.


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Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site

Brookline, Massachusetts

Week of July 29, 2002

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site

Brookline, Massachusetts

Week of August 5, 2002


Hey everybody!! The folks at FRLA [Frederick Law Olmsted NHS] took me to JOFI [John Fitzgerald Kennedy NHS] today & I got to have my picture taken with JFK's bear. Can imagine ... me ...Nat.. in the Kennedy birthplace, in the Kennedy bed, with the Kennedy teddy bear!!

I'm having a GREAT time.


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Weir Farm National Historic Site

Wilton, Connecticut

Week of August 12, 2002

To my THRI family -

'Twas a long and arduous journey to the rural hills of Connecticut. Ranger Cliff was taking a leave of absence, so my first few days here were in total darkness. However, now that I find myself out of the box, I can duly recover from my rough ride here. I look forward to an exciting weekend at Weir Farm. So far I have been recuperating in the visitor's center with Ranger Mike and Ranger Tal. They have promised to take me to the studies with an art class after lunch. Should be a jolly good time! Especially the lunch part! Ho, ho, ho (chuckle). Hopefully this letter finds you in good spirits and good health.


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Federal Hall National Memorial

New York, New York

Week of August 19, 2002

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Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site

New York, New York

Week of August 26, 2002


I'm having a wonderful time at Manhattan Sites. Today I visited Theodore Roosevelt's Birthplace. See you soon.


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Castle Clinton National Monument

New York, New York

Week of September 2, 2002

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Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site

Buffalo, New York

Week of September 9, 2002

"I'm homesick. I need to come home and visit my friends for a few days."

After a whirlwind journey of eleven parks and over 3,700 miles, Nat decided that it was time to come home and visit his friends. Plus he was a little homesick and needed some TLC before heading out on the road again.

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Edison National Historic Site

West Orange, New Jersey

Week of September 16, 2002

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Steamtown National Historic Site

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Week of September 30, 2002

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Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Week of October 7, 2002

Hello Everyone,

Having a great time at Harpers Ferry. It's beautiful! Learning a lot of history to tell Parker. Marsha, one of the rangers, will send you some digital pics. She also took others that I'll bring home with me. John Brown, Thomas Jefferson, Meriwether Lewis, W.E.B. DuBois, Frederick Douglass, and many more famous people have been here. Wow!



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George Washington Birthplace National Monument


Week of October 28, 2002

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Booker T. Washington National Monument

Hardy, Virginia

Week of November 4, 2002

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Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site

Buffalo, New York

December, 2002

Nat decides to go home to the TR Inaugural Site for the holidays!

See Nat's photo journal for his home visit.

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New River Gorge National River

Glen Jean, West Virginia

Week of January 13, 2003

See Nat's New River photo journal.

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Everglades National Park

Homestead, Florida

Week of February 10, 2003

Hi All -

Hello and greetings from the Everglades. I actually watched the sunrise at Hidden Lake Environmental Education Camp. This is the way to start a day. I am enjoying myself. Seeing lots of gators and birds at the Anhinga trail. I love it here.

Having a great time. The weather is absolutely beautiful.

Take care,


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Vicksburg National Military Park

Vicksburg, Mississippi

Week of February 24, 2003

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