By Reservation Field Trips

Tours and educational programs are available for all ages.

The fee for most school tours is $3.00 per student.

All group tours of ten or more are required to have advance reservations. In order to allow us to schedule necessary staff and volunteers, we ask that reservations be made at least two weeks in advance. However, in order to ensure that the tour date of your preference is available, earlier is better.

To make reservations, call 716-884-0096.

Due to space limitations, our capacity is limited, and we cannot accommodate two groups at once. Maximum group size is 50 persons.

A student/chaperone ratio of about 10/1 is recommended. Expect that tour groups larger than 12 will be divided up into smaller groups of 10-12 persons during your visit. Each of the small tour sub- groups should have a chaperone with them. Teachers and chaperones are responsible for maintaining discipline during the visit.

Museum Tour

Grade 4 and up

1 hour for up to 25 persons, 2 hours for 25-50

This guided tour takes you back to September 1901 to be witness to the history-altering events surrounding President McKinley's death and Roosevelt's inauguration. Hear Roosevelt's concerns as he prepares to take office, and be present for his fateful inauguration. Self-guided exhibits continue the story, exploring the impact that Roosevelt's presidency had upon the nation.

The Bear Facts

Grade K-1

1 hour

Young students are introduced to Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt through story-telling time of how the Teddy bear got its name. Students also craft a cardboard Teddy bear to take home!

Teedie & Me

Grade 2-3

1 hour

Lower elementary students hear of young Theodore Roosevelt's childhood in 1860's New York City, and compare growing up in his era to theirs today.

Reporting History

Grade 4-6

3 ½ hours

Students travel back in time to 1901, assuming the role of reporters documenting Roosevelt's unexpected inauguration in Buffalo, as well as gathering opinions from members of the public and translating Morse code telegrams sent to Roosevelt in Buffalo.

Theodore Roosevelt and the Conservation Debate

Grade 4-6

3 hours

Tour the museum, traveling back to September 1901 to be present for Roosevelt's inauguration as president, and explore the divergent conservation views facing the nation as Roosevelt entered office. The program also examines landscape restoration efforts at the TR Site. This program is partly outdoors, so is not recommended for winter months. Dress for the weather.

Roosevelt the Reformer

Grade 6-12

3 hours

Tour the museum, traveling back to September 1901 to be present for Roosevelt's inauguration as president, and examine political cartoons of the era to explore the issues facing the nation at the time.


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