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  • Campaigning Through History: Presenter Bren T. Price, Sr. is an avid collector of political campaign memorabilia. From autographs to buttons and from tip trays to whiskey bottles, his 30-year collection reflects a love affair with the artifacts of presidential elections. Mr. Price displays actual, period items from George Washington through the current G.W. His "show and tell" program weaves history and politics, and the audience will understand how campaigning has changed - and not changed - over two centuries. Mr. Price has a special affinity for Theodore Roosevelt, thus his association with the T.R. Inaugural Site on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo. The audience should expect a "Bully" ride through time. Participants are also encouraged to bring any of their own campaign items for a "Road Show" evaluation.
  • 1901 Buffalo, Birthplace of a New Presidency: In 1901, Buffalo was one of the nation's great cities. It was the eight largest city in the U.S. in population, it was a major center for trade, and it had sent two adopted sons to the White House (Millard Fillmore and Grover Cleveland). However, in September of 1901, Buffalo would be further catapulted into the national spotlight as the presidency changed hands in the wake of tragedy. This program describes the circumstances of William McKinley's assassination and Theodore Roosevelt's inauguration in Buffalo, NY in 1901.
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Icon of the American Century: Theodore Roosevelt came into office unexpectedly in 1901, without the benefit of a national election. Yet, he was arguably one of the most important presidents in American history, and was certainly one of the most fascinating. The antics of this charismatic man and his family enthralled the nation, and led to a personal popularity that is hard to imagine for politicians today. This brief biography of Theodore Roosevelt explores the early experiences that shaped the man, and the impact of his presidency on the course of American and world history.
  • From All Corners of the Earth: Visitors To the Pan-American Exposition: People from all over the United States and many foreign countries visited the Pan-American Exposition. Magazines and newspapers published innumerable articles by well-known personalities who praised every aspect of the fair. But what did "real" people think, and what was their Pan-Am experience like? Using information culled from surviving guest registers and various other sources, this largely anecdotal presentation seeks to provide the audience with a sense of what visitors really thought and did while they were in Buffalo during 1901.
  • The History of Teddy's Bear: Few people can claim to be immortalized by a toy. Few toys can claim, either, to have lasted more than a century. Sometimes, however, chance events can come together to create a lasting mark on the nation's popular culture. This program tells the "un-sugar-coated" version of how the Teddy Bear was named for our 26th president.
  • Buffalo's Presidential Connections: Buffalo was once known nation-wide for more than its snow drifts. In fact, one measure of early Buffalo's importance is that it received frequent presidential visits. It would also play a crucial role in the lives of four presidents: Millard Fillmore, Grover Cleveland, William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt. Hear more about Buffalo's early presidential ties.
  • Defending the Undefended Border: Canada's Patriots' War On the Niagara Frontier: Sometimes even a little-known and seemingly minor historical footnote can produce lasting traces. This program examines one such event, the Patriots' War in Canada in the late 1830's, and its impact on Western New York. This little-known uprising brought the United States and Britain to the brink of war, led to a military garrison in Buffalo, and ultimately produced the structure that today serves as the Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site.

The above programs are provided by a member of our staff or a trained volunteer. Additional research has been done and original materials are sometimes brought in for the program. Availability of programs may depend upon availability of trained facilitators.

A $100.00 fee is charged for outreach programs within Western New York. Additional fees may apply for requests outside the region.

Note: If outreach location is over 15 miles from the Site, an additional $1.00 per mile travel fee will be charged.

Costume Resource Center Outreach Programs:

These programs are presented by volunteers with a particular interest and expertise in the knowledge of 19th and 20th century clothing. The programs provided by the CRC are numerous and varied. A fee is charged. Please contact the Site for more information. Call on Thursday afternoons, (716-884-0095) to speak to a CRC volunteer for questions or reservations.

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