Although Theodore Roosevelt Island looks like it developed naturally over thousands of years, it is actually a designed landscape. Architects at the Olmsted Brothers Firm and workers from Franklin Delano Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps cleared, graded, and replanted it to look "real."

Each of the island's trails passes through—and is named after—one of the habitats they created.

Thumbnail map of the Swamp Trail

Swamp Trail
At 1 ½ miles, this loop trail is the island’s longest. It passes through swampy woods and cattail marsh. The trail is part pea gravel and part boardwalk.

Thumbnail map of the Woods Trail

Woods Trail
This short, ⅓ mile trail passes through the heart of the island, including the memorial plaza with its statue and fountains. It is paved with pea gravel.

Thumbnail map of the Upland Trail

Upland Trail
This ¾ mile trail traverses the length of the island. It passes though forest and loops around the former site of the Mason mansion.

Last updated: April 22, 2019

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