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Become a Wind Cave Junior Ranger

Wind Cave National Park

a ranger showing two children an antler
Kids of all ages can participate in the Junior Ranger program.

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Wind Cave National Park

a ranger hat encircled by a green band with the text: Junior ranger explore learn protect.

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Become a Junior Ranger

Pick up a booklet at the visitor center. To earn the badge, complete the Learn with a Ranger activity on the first page by attending a ranger program. This can be a cave tour, campfire program, or discovery talk. Viewing the park film also counts toward this activity.

After completing the Learn with a Ranger activity, each age group requires a certain number of activities to be completed in the book. You may choose any activities you want. Return your completed book to the ranger at the visitor center desk and take the pledge to earn your badge.

Become a Junior Ranger from Home

Not visiting the park? No problem! This online version has activities that can be completed anywhere, including right from where you live. Just print, complete, and mail it in. A ranger will review your work and return it to you with a badge.

Last updated: October 4, 2021