Wayside Loop Trail

A small map of the site indicating the route of the Wayside Loop Trail
The Wayside trail loops around the property starting in front of/ending behind the Visitor Center

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The Wayside Loop Trail is an approximately 3/4 of a mile walk that brings you all around our site! Along the way the trail passes a number of interpretive signs that each have information about Martin Van Buren and the site. This is a great activity option if you either don't have enough time for a ranger program, want something to do while waiting for the ranger program, or simply want to spend some time outside! Can be combined with the Jr. Ranger "Clues Match" activity for a fun family walk around the park.  
The Wayside Loop Trail is a 3/4 of a mile self-guided tour of our site. After acquiring a map in either the parking lot or the visitor center you can follow the trail around the entire site. Along the way there are a number of interpretive signs that have information about Martin Van Buren and the site. It is a perfect activity if you want to spend some time outside exploring the park or just don't have time for a ranger led program. If you follow the map you will end overlooking the farm fields behind the visitor center where you can see the active farm that still tills the land Van Buren did in his lifetime!
All ages welcome!
Please do not bring pets into the farm fields behind Van Buren's home and the visitor center. While walking along the loop trail itself is fine, any trails that head further do not allow pets as they are not on park property.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
The Wayside Loop Trail ranges over the whole site, but begins in the parking lot in front of the visitor center and ends at the gazebo in the field behind the visitor center. Maps can be acquired either in the parking lot or the visitor center.
Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather! Although the trail is short it is not paved so be sure to wear good walking shoes, or water resistant ones if it has rained recently.
The park grounds are open from sunrise to sunset.
Accessibility Information
The trail varies between a dirt/gravel carriage road around Van Buren's home and grass/dirt when heading out towards the farm fields. Service Animals are allowed on all parts of the trail. 

Last updated: April 26, 2021