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A large marble block engraved with the names and life dates of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt.
FDR designed the simple monument marking his and Eleanor's final resting place.

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According to Franklin D. Roosevelt's own instructions, written on December 26, 1937, his body was to be buried "where the sun dial stands in the garden." His wishes reflect his intense connection to the place of his birth and formative years, the launching point of his rise to public prominence, his refuge from the serious demands of the world, and the place where he found the resources to face head on the challenges first of polio, then of executive office in a time of dire national crisis. FDR's burial at Springwood ensured his home's establishment as a national shrine. 

FDR specified that a plain white marble monument without carving or decoration be placed at his grave, situated east and west, measuring 8 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 3 feet high with a base extending 2 feet around the perimeter. The memorial stone was manufactured to President Roosevelt’s design and installed in fall of 1945. According to the President’s wishes, Mrs. Roosevelt was interred here also upon her death in 1962.

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The burial site and garden is accessed from the parking lot via a wide navigable concrete path (exceeds 36 inches) leading to three entry gates. The concrete path is flat but uneven with some cracks and gaps in places that the park repairs periodically. The gate entrance opposite Freedom Court (on the east side of the garden) is 38 inches wide. The gate entrance on the south side is 36 inches wide. A flat and even cirular pathway through the garden surrounds the burial site. The pathway ranges from 30 to 38 inches. This pathway material is fine textured stone dust and hard packed soil. The pathway inside the garden and burial site is unobstructed by protruding objects or vegetation, but dimensions of the pathway limit space for passing or maneuverability. There are no benches inside the garden.

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Last updated: June 4, 2021