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Tour Independence Hall

View of room interior showing two rows of tables facing a single chair and table on a dias.
See the room where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were both signed.

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Take a ranger-led tour of Independence Hall to see the birthplace of the nation! Entrance to Independence Hall is by tour only. Timed entry tickets are required from March through December. Learn how to obtain tickets on the ticketing web page. 

Don't miss this opportunity to stand in the Assembly Room (where the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution were both signed) and  ponder your own role in the on-going experiment in self-government.

The building's history may surprise you. Construction started in 1732, the same year that George Washington was born. Built to be the Pennsylvania State House, the building originally housed all three branches of Pennsylvania's colonial government. The Pennsylvania legislature loaned their Assembly Room out for the meetings of the Second Continental Congress and later, the Constitutional Convention. Here, George Washington was appointed Commander in Chief of the Continental Army in 1775, the Articles of Confederation were adopted in 1781, and Benjamin Franklin gazed upon the "Rising Sun" chair in 1787.

The second floor of the building served as a hospital for wounded American POWs during the British occupation of Philadelphia in the Revolutionary War. Later, Charles Willson Peale used that space for his Philadelphia Museum. The second floor was the also the scene of fugitive slave trials during the 1850s.

No time to visit? Then take a virtual tour and you'll even see the Independence Hall tower. Yep, pretty awesome.
Pets are not allowed on-site, unless a designated assistive dog or miniature horse. Read the regulations concerning pets and service animals in the Superintendent's Compendium.
Admission to Independence is free.
Enter through security screening at 5th and Chestnut Streets. Follow the signage to join the queue on the south side of the building.
Timed entry tickets are required to visit Independence Hall for much of the year: from March through December, and on winter holiday weekends. Learn how to obtain tickets on the park's ticketing web page.
Accessibility Information
The first floor of Independence Hall is accessible for those with mobility impairments. For those with hearing impairments, the "Birthplace of a Nation" pamphlet provides written information about the rooms shown on the tour. Ask a ranger for an assistive listening device or an audio described tour. American Sign Language interpretation is available by request. You must call the park to arrange for an interpreter at least 14 days prior to your visit. Get the details on how to reserve an ASL interpreter here.

Independence National Historical Park

Last updated: April 28, 2022