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Get Your Passport Stamped at Gulf Islands

Gulf Islands Virtual Cancellations
Gulf Islands Virtual Cancellations

Collecting stamps, also known as cancellations, is a fun way to commemorate your visit to a National Park. The Passport to Your National Parks Program® was created in 1986 by Eastern National, and visitors have since enjoyed collecting free cancellations at all 400+ National Park sites. Visit Gulf Islands National Seashore offers a variety of cancellations at the following locations:

  • Fort Pickens Discovery Center
  • Fort Pickens Bookstore
  • Fort Barrancas Visitor Center
  • William M. Colmer Visitor Center
  • Fort Massachusetts Visitor Contact Station

National Park Passports are sold in the Fort Pickens bookstore, and can also be purchased online. Junior Ranger Stamps are currently only available at the Fort Pickens Bookstore and William M. Colmer Visitor Center.
Collecting stamps, also known as cancellations, is a fun way to commemorate your visit to a new place. Learn where to get your passport stamped at Gulf Islands.
Pets are not allowed inside park buildings except for service animals.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees and Passes for more information.
Cancellations are available during all hours the visitor center is open. See Operating Hours and Seasons for information on each area.
Accessibility Information
All visitor centers are fully accessible.

Gulf Islands National Seashore

Gulf Islands National Seashore Digital Cancellation

Already visited Gulf Islands but forgot to get your stamp?

Follow the instructions below to obtain your virtual cancellation.

Gulf Islands Junior Ranger Digital Cancellation
1) Right-click the image at right and select "Open image in new tab".
2) Press Ctrl + P to print the image from the webpage.
3) Fill in the date that you visited (Eg. Jan 01, 2022)
4) Use scissors to cut the stamp out.
5) Paste or tape it into your Passport book.

Last updated: August 9, 2022