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Scenic Drive on Fayette Station Road

road passing under a bridge

For a unique and spectacular view of the New River Gorge Bridge and an up close look at the New River, take a scenic drive on Fayette Station Road. This 8-mile one-way route takes you from Canyon Rim Visitor Center down to the bottom of the gorge and then back up the opposite side. The road travels down to the bottom of the gorge in a series of hairpin turns. Pull-offs and interpretive exhibits along the way offer opportunities to enjoy the views and learn more about area history and nature.

On the way down, visitors will get a unique view from directly under the New River Gorge Bridge. At the bottom of the gorge, you will pass through the historic town sites of Fayette and South Fayette. Cross the Tunney Hunsaker Bridge over the New River and travel 1/10 mile to a public parking area for an up close look at the river and Fayette Station Rapid. 

Fayette Station Road winds back up to Fayetteville on the opposite side of the gorge with additional views, pull-outs, and trailhead parking along the way. The road joins Route 19 just south of the New River Gorge Bridge. 

This road is not suitable for large vehicles or trailers. 
The entire drive is 8 miles, but the road is windy and very slow going. Allow 45 minutes driving time plus time for stops at overlooks and at the river. 
Take a scenic drive down Fayette Station Road. 
Pets are allowed on park trails on a leash. 
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
The road is open throughout the year, but winter can see ice and snow, making conditions dangerous. Check weather forecast before driving Fayette Station Road in winter. 
Accessibility Information
This road is not suitable for large vehicles or trailers. 

Viewpoints are accessible by car. 

Getting down to the river involves a short walk on a gravel walkway. 

New River Gorge National Park & Preserve

Last updated: April 19, 2021