Old State House: Soak in Boston's History at this Former Seat of Government

Two youth in an exhibit space, leaning over an interactive map table and looking down at it.
Youth viewing an interactive map of Boston.

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While a museum today, the Old State House bore witness to events that served as catalysts for the Revolutionary War. Steps away the first martyrs for the country fell at the Boston Massacre. On its balcony, the Declaration of Independence announced the birth of a new nation. Walk through the exhibits at the Old State House to learn about the complex history of the founding of the United States and the lasting legacies of the events surrounding the American Revolution.

From Colony to Commonwealth dives into the role Massachusetts played in sparking the American Revolution and shaping the United States.

Reflecting Attucks explores the memory of the first individual killed in the Boston Massacre - Crispus Attucks, a man of African and Native descent. To see an online version of this exhibit, please visit Reflecting Attucks on the Revolutionary Spaces website.

Watch the Boston Massacre Multimedia Presentation to learn about the events of this tragic day through seeing artifacts and hearing the words of those who witnessed the event.

Step into the Council Chamber, the seat of power of the British Empire, and imagine the debates that occurred in this historic room.

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Accessibility Information

Old State House can only be accessed via stairs.

Last updated: June 21, 2021