Keet Seel Hike

Due to the long and strenuous trail, children under the age of 10 are not recommended to participate in the Keet Seel hike.

Please call the visitor center at 928-672-2700 or 2727 if you have further questions.

No pets are allowed on the Keet Seel Trail.

Hikers may come across "stray" animals such as dogs or cats on the trail. These animals often belong to local residents.

Please do not feed animals or bring them back to the ranger station/visitor center.

Keet Seel is a free hike but donations are graciously accepted at the visitor center.
Keet Seel village sits at the end of Keet Seel canyon which is one of the many side canyons that make up the Tsegi Canyon system. The hike to Keet Seel is 8.5 miles (one way) from the park's visitor center and requires a permit.
A permit is required to hike to and from Keet Seel. Permit reservations can be made at least a week in advance by calling the visitor center at 928-672-2700 or 2727. The visitor center takes Keet Seel reservations as early as February.

Hikers are required to attend a MANDATORY ORIENTATION at 3pm at the visitor center the day before their scheduled hike. After the orientation, a permit is issued to the hiker(s).
Keet Seel is open from Memorial Day (May) to Labor Day (September). 

Keet Seel is closed from Labor Day weekend and will not open until the following year's Memorial Day weekend.
Hikers are only permitted to walk trails during the day. NO NIGHT HIKING ALLOWED.

Last updated: June 29, 2018