Kayak from Port Alsworth to Tommy Island

An aerial view of an island in the blue waters of Lake Clark
The scenic surroundings of Tommy Island on Lake Clark

NPS / K. Lewandowski

A Delightful Paddle

Listen to your paddle splash and your kayak glide across the blue waters of Lake Clark towards Tommy Island. See fish jump near your boat and watch as bush planes descend towards Port Alsworth backdropped by mountains.

Kayaks may be rented from local outfitters in Port Alsworth. To find out more call the Port Alsworth Visitor Center at (907) 781-2117.
Dark clouds drop rain onto windy lake water
Be prepared for changing weather conditions

NPS / T. Vaughn

Ranger Reccommendation

Be prepared with a good weather forecast, which you can obtain from the Port Alsworth Visitor Center. Rain and wind can pick up at any time along your journey making ocean-like waves and difficult paddling conditions. Plan for your day assuming there will be a headwind in the afternoon on the return to town.

Lake Clark is a cold water lake. Talk with your outfitter or park staff about cold water safety. To learn more about staying in the park and preparing for weather, visit our Safety page.
All kayakers should know how to swim and feel comfortable paddling in a remote environment.
Pets are allowed in the park and preserve. However, because Lake Clark is excellent bear and moose habitat it is strongly encouraged that you leave your pets at home. Your pet should be leashed at all times.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
Port Alsworth is not on the road system.
Accessibility Information
Lake Clark is a large, remote body of water subject to high winds. Kayakers should be able to paddle in both flatwater and windy conditions.

Last updated: July 10, 2017