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Kayak in the park with Paddle Share

Two persons in a kayak on the river.
Kayaking the Mississippi River

Mississippi Park Connection

The Mississippi River Paddle Share is a new and exciting recreational opportunity for people who don't own a boat, have some paddling experience, and want a safe, enjoyable, and convenient paddling experience in the heart of the Twin Cities.

Reserving a single or tandem kayak, paddle, and life vest is easy at several convieniently locatated stations within the park. Depending on the route you choose, you can paddle two to seven miles downstream to a station where the equipment is returned.

A Paddle share station was installed at Pickerel Lake in Lilydale Regional Park in 2018. This is an ideal location, a small lake without motorized traffic, to learn how to paddle a kayak. It's also a great place to view wildlife.

Equipment may be checked out for one of several three-hour periods. Paddle Share stations are located near transit at all locations and Nice Ride Minnesota bike share stations in Minneapolis. You can paddle downriver, return the kayak and equipment, and then catch transit, rent a Nice Ride bicycle, or ride-share back to your starting point or home.

Paddle Share was established to encourage kayaking on the river and to reduce the need to own a boat or a vehicle to have an on-water experience

To learn more about this exciting recreational opportunity and how to reserve equipment, go to the Mississippi River Paddle Share website.


A kayak sharing system within the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area. Follow this link to watch instructional videos, see how it works, and view scenic routes.  

You must be 18 or older to rent a kayak. If you are less than 18, you may ride with a responsible adult in a double kayak.
Pets are not allowed in rental kayaks. 
Single Kayak $25
Double Kayak $35
Reservations can be made through the Paddle Share website. 
Accessibility Information
Accessible equipment is available at the Pickeral Lake Paddleshare Station.  

Mississippi National River and Recreation Area

Last updated: November 10, 2020