Explore the 1890s Mountain Farm at Humpback Rocks

A visit to the Mountain Farm at Humpback Rocks is an opportunity to compare life today with life in 1890s Appalachia. It can be hard to gain perspective on our lives today without first learning (and seeing) how our ancestors lived for hundreds of years without many of our “modern conveniences." However, that is not to say that mountain folks were not thriving.

Life involved and continues to involve learning, strategizing, working, celebrating, mourning, and above all else – changing with the times. Find out the many ways Appalachian families became proficient in growing/gathering foods, using natural materials to improve their lives, adapting to the technologies of the times, and enjoying life just as we continue to do so today.

Explore the Mountain farm along the gravel trail that leads from the Humpback Rocks visitor center (Milepost 6). The trail is 0.25 miles long and wanders past the cabin to other buildings typical on a mountain farm.

Last updated: January 20, 2017