Hiking & Exploring Hopeton Earthworks

This 292-acre site consisted of a square enclosure about 900 feet on a side that was joined to a circle with a diameter of about 1,050 feet. Smaller circular structures also joined the square at various points, and linear parallel earthworks extended westward toward the river for about 2,100 feet from the northwest corner of the square. A description from 1848 indicates that the circle and square walls were 50 feet wide at the base. At that time the walls enclosing the square were 12 feet high.

Since 1848, agricultural development has reduced the earthworks to less than 5 feet in height in most places, and the small circles and parallel walls are no longer visible. Taking the trail from the parking lot to the scenic overlook will afford visitors a landscape view of the land where the large earthwork was once the predominant feature. Careful examination of the land will yield the remnants of the large circle and square.

For additional information, directions to Hopeton Earthworks and for a downloadable site map with trail locations, please visit the park's Hopeton Earthworks page.


A round-trip hike to the lookout will likely take about 60 minutes, but length is dependent upon stamina and level of interest.

All ages, but minors must be with an adult parent or guardian

Pets are always welcome, but must be leashed and in control at all times.  Owners are responsible for picking up pet's poop and disposing of properly.

Located off of State Route 159 (Bridge St) on Hopetown Road, on the northern fringe of Chillicothe.

No reservations required

Park grounds are open every day of the year, from sunrise to sunset.

Accessibility Information
Hopeton Earthworks:
No visitor services building on site, one small portable restroom available at parking area.
  • Parking: Paved parking area, designated spaces near trailhead.
  • Trails: Small section paved from parking lot area to trailhead entrance.  Remainder of trails are grass, mulch and gravel-covered on uneven terrain with various degrees of ascending and descending.
  • Restrooms: One small portable restroom available near parking area.
  • No pay phones

Last updated: January 18, 2017