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Hike the Snake Divide Route

Great Basin National Park

Bristlecone pine tree with wide canopy with a light blue sky in the background.
Hiking along the Snake Divide is a challenging but rewarding hike.

Charlie Reed

Great Basin National Park

A color image of the official map of the national park. A grey road terminates in the upper left, and a orange highlighted trail stretches across the main body of the image. As the trail begins it is labeled "shoshone Trail" before reaching a junction
The Snake Divide Trail highlighted. The highlighted portion only covers 12.0 miles. The additional 1.4 comes from hiking Mt Washington and returning.


Trail Map

Find the Snake Divide Trail on the trail map branching off of Snake Creek Road. Snake Creek road's entrance is located east of the park, at about the halfway point of the park's vertical length.

Ranger Tip: Travel with a paper map and compass along with a GPS to have the best results wayfinding. This trail can be tricky at times. Beware the brisk winds that emerge over the ridges of the trail as you get above treeline, they are one of the main forces to have gnarled the bristlecones over thousands of years and can be incredibly cold and draining. A wind layer will help tremendously!

Last updated: November 18, 2023