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Hike the Old Railroad Trail

dirt path through forest with gray rock at left
This "rails to trails" trail follows the route of the Missouri and Northern Arkansas railroad.


The Old Raildroad Trail follows the river east from Gilbert along the former route of the Missouri and North Arkansas Railroad. This relatively flat trail takes you to a point where the railroad crossed the Buffalo River at Red Bluff. The trail ends at the old piers.
The Old Railroad Trailis about 2.4 miles one way.
This is a flat easy trail with views of the river and remnants of the old railroad along the way to the remains of the bridge across the river.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
The Old Railroad Trail starts on the river access road in Gilbert, AR at the parking area for the vault toilet.
Hiking is most popular in fall, winter and spring when ticks are less abundant.The climate of the Buffalo River basin is characterized by long, hot summers and relatively short, mild winters. Temperature records in the area have a low of -130 F to a high of 1070 F. Rainfall averages 46 inches annually. The greatest amounts of precipitation occur in winter and spring, with average winter snowfall of 12 inches. Dryer months are July through October. Both moderately intense local storms and storms with heavier rainfall can last several days. Larger storms are more likely to occur in spring; however, they can occur any time during the year.
This trail is rated easy, but will have rocks and roots so it is best hiked during daylight.
Accessibility Information
Much of the trail is flat, but it is not ADA compliant.

Buffalo National River

view of river through trees
At many places along the Old Railroad Trail it is possible to see the river through the forest.


Trail map for Gilbert area
The purple dashed line shows the route of the Old Railroad Trail.


Last updated: November 15, 2020