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Hike the Lehman Creek Trail

Great Basin National Park

Tall white aspen trees with bare branches frame snowy mountain peaks in the near distance.
Lehman Creek Trail is the best way to reach high elevation in winter

B. Mills

Great Basin National Park

A color image of a selection of the official park map. A red road appears from the right before a hard turn and making a patha cross the top of the image, ending on the left. Conencting the end and the first hard turn is an orange highlighted trail.
The Lehman Creek Trail highlighted in orange. The road closes in winter around the Lehman Creek trailhead, making this the quickest and easiest route to the upper trails in winter.


Trail Map

Find the Lehman Creek Trail on the trail map emerging from near the end of the Upper Lehman Creek Campground. The campground is located on the Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, approximately 3 miles up. The Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive's entrance is located off Highway 488 leading to the Lehman Caves Visitor Center. The road is paved with an 8% grade. Vehicles longer than 24 feet are not permitted past the Upper Lehman Creek Campground.

Ranger Tip: The Lehman Creek Trail is visible from Mather Overlook, and the meadow visible from that road overlook is readily accessed by a short off trail journey about two miles up the trail.

Last updated: December 13, 2023