Hike between Scott's Run Nature Preserve and Theodore Roosevelt Island

A wooden post at the beginning of a natural surface path indicating the Potomac Heritage Trail
The southern terminus of the PHT within the GW Memorial Parkway begins at the Theodore Roosevelt Island parking area.

NPS photo

This 10-mile PHT within George Washington Memorial Park and a 2-mile loop within Scott's Run Nature Preserve--connected by a 1-mile path along Live Oak Lane--are unusual for the relatively wild character of these places in such close proximity to urban environments. While one can, of course, travel in an upstream direction, we are considering this hike as one in a series of hikes travelling in a downstream direction from points north. The trailhead for Theodore Roosevelt Island/Potomac Heritage Trail/Mount Vernon Trail can be accessed from the Roslyn Metro and a pedestrian-bicycle facility, but you will need to set up a vehicle shuttle for travelling in one direction only. See a map of the corridor on the "Maps" page and review the hike as described in Potomac Heritage Trail: A Hiker's Guide.
Depending on trail conditions and your ability and experience. 
On a leash. 
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.

Last updated: April 5, 2018