Flying to Radio Hill

Muskox galloping on the tundra.
A herd of muskox galloping on the tundra.

Photo Credit: Public Domain NPS/E Mesner

A Remnant of the Ice Age

A window to the past, Radio Hill is a perfect perch to view Cape Krusenstern's vast landscapes which hold evidence of centuries of human use and Ice Age remnants.

Lush tundra landscape with rolling hills in the distance from the top of Radio Hill.
A view from the top of Radio Hill of a vast tundra landscape and the rolling Igichuk Hills.

Photo Credit: Public Domain NPS/E Mesner

Ranger Recommendation

Once you have landed on Radio Hill find a good campsite out of the wind. From there one can do day hikes in any direction. If you're up for a long hike, head to the coast. Searching for muskox? They can be anywhere. In spring, birds abound as they migrate to this luscious land allowing for opportunties to discover rare Eurasian species arriving from Russia and Asia. Don't forget your waterproof footwear and bug repellant. The drainages throughout this area can be marshy and full of mosquitoes in the summer.
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
Radio Hill in Cape Krusenstern National Monument.
All seasons are a great time to visit. Simply make sure you have the right equipment and means to get there.
Accessibility Information
No trails or facilities are within Cape Krusenstern National Monument.

Last updated: October 19, 2017