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Drive the Echo Park Road

a red colored dirt road winds down a steep slope
The Echo Park Road descends steeply from the Harpers Corner Road as it winds toward the Green River.

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High clearance vehicles with all-wheel-drive are recommended.

The Echo Park Road is a 14 mile (23 km) unpaved road that starts along Harpers Corner Road and ends at the Echo Park Campground. Due to the clay soil, the road is not passable when wet or covered with snow. Always check the weather before driving the Echo Park Road.

For those hoping to get a close-up look at Dinosaur's geology, Echo Park Road offers a unique perspective. As the road descends, beautiful rock layers tower above historic sites, such as the Chew Ranch and petroglyphs at Pool Creek. At Echo Park Campground, visitors are treated to a spectacular view of Steamboat Rock surrounded by canyons. A short walking trail leads to the confluence of the Green and Yampa Rivers. 

Driving Conditions: 
This unpaved road is not suitable for RVs and trailers. High-clearance vehicles and four-wheel-drive (4WD) are strongly recommended. The road is graded, but there are several dry wash crossings and a steep descent down a series of switchbacks at the start of the road.

Food, fuel, restrooms, and supplies are not available along this road. Cell phone service is not reliable. The primitive Echo Park Campground, located at the end of the 14 mile (23 km) road, offers vault toilets, picnic tables, and potable water when weather allows. Visitors must pack out all trash.
From the turnoff at Harpers Corner Road, it takes about 1 hour of nonstop driving to reach Echo Park. Recreational activities, such as hiking and visiting sites of interest, will add more time to your trip.
Scenic Driving
Leashed pets are permitted along the Echo Park Road and in the Echo Park Campground. Pets are not permitted on any hiking trails in the area. 
Visitors must pay the park entrance fee or show a valid pass at the Entrance Station or Quarry Visitor Center. There is no separate or additional fee for this activity.
Access depends on road conditions. The Echo Park Road is impassable when wet or snow covered. 
Time of Day
Any Time
Accessibility Information
Wheelchair Accessibility: 
No sites of interest along the Echo Park Road are paved or wheelchair accessible.

Restroom Information: 
There are no restrooms along this road. The nearest restrooms are located at Island Park Overlook (on Harpers Corner Road, about a mile north of the Echo Park Road turnoff) and at the very end of the road in Echo Park Campground.

Dinosaur National Monument

A map showing the length and sites of interest along the Echo Park Road.
The unpaved Echo Park Road offers multiple sites of interest and views of Dinosaur's canyon country. The primitive Echo Park Campground is a popular destination in summer.


Last updated: December 6, 2021