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The Clough House at Old North Church & Historic Site

man in historical vest and cap with glasses looking at a printed page from a press.
Printing at Edes & Gill in the Clough House

Old North Church and Historic Site

The 1715 Clough House remains one of the oldest surviving brick residences in Boston. Now located on Old North Church and Historic Site's campus, the Clough House now serves as the home for the printing office of Edes & Gill and Heritage Goods + Gifts.

Visit the printing office of Edes & Gill, an 18th century colonial print shop, to learn from longtime print master Gary Gregory. Gary demonstrates the colonial printing process and draws connections between newspapers and printing with the American Revolution, active citizenship, liberty, and enslavement in the colonial era.

Heritage Goods + Gifts features local artisans and small businesses, particularly BIPOC- and women-owned businesses.

For more information, please visit Old North Church & Historic Site's website.

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Pets Allowed
Admission to The Clough House is free. For visiting Old North Church and Historic Site, please visit Admission & Pricing page on their website.

The Clough House is located on the campus of Old North Church and Historic Site.

The Clough House is open Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm. 
Accessibility Information

A stairless entrance is available at the front of the building. However, due to the size of the doorways, not all wheelchairs may be able to navigate the historic building.

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Last updated: April 29, 2022