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Walnut Canyon Web Quest

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Grade Level:
Middle School: Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade
Social Studies


This web-based activity will walk the students through a virtual tour of many of the key natural and cultural sites around Walnut Canyon National Monument while helping the students learn about the processes and history that makes this area so unique. Students will conduct an internet based inquiry investigation focusing on understanding how the plants, animals, people and places have shaped this unique place. 

The web quest itself is broken up into 2 distinct investigations, one focused on looking at the people and places that formed Walnut Canyon's unique history, and the second focusing on the plants and animals that make this area home. Students will be given one of the 2 investigation sheets to complete at the computers, which will create the groups for part 2 of this lesson. For the second part of this lesson, students will group up based on which investigation they completed. In these groups, students will compare the answers they found, and then create a poster or whiteboard presentation that explains what they found in their investigation. These presentations can be as simple or detailed as the teacher would like to make them.


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Last updated: October 5, 2015