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Adaptations - Oceans
(2nd Grade: Lesson 2 of 2)

Two rangers on the coast.
Grade Level:
Lower Elementary: Pre-Kindergarten through Second Grade
Literacy and Language Arts,Science
Lesson Duration:
60 Minutes
Common Core Standards:
State Standards:
Thinking Skills:
Remembering: Recalling or recognizing information ideas, and principles.


Students will answer questions to review the habitat whales live in and the adaptations they need to survive.


Howland Hill Outdoor School (HHOS) has created these lessons in our new Distance Learning Video Series for Redwood National and State Parks. HHOS developed these programs to carry on the Every Kid in a Park initiative that was implemented for the Centennial Year of the National Park Service. These education programs give students who can’t visit Redwood in person the opportunity to learn about this amazing resource from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, giving every kid the opportunity to visit Redwood National and State Parks!


The distance learning program at Redwood is something students and their teacher can do any time. Since this is not a live distance learning program, there is no need to schedule a time with a ranger. Our program has ranger led videos for students to watch, followed by activities that students do right in their classroom.

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Word puzzle search

Download Whale worksheet

Download Whale worksheet - teacher example

This writing activity combines the knowledge and vocabulary students have learned from both distance learning lessons to create their own story to send to the rangers at Redwood National and State Parks.

Download Redwood Adventure Story

Lesson Hook/Preview

Students will dive into the adaptaions of ocean creatures.


Follow the video and use the material provided.



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Last updated: August 11, 2017