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Earth's Changing Surfaces - How to Make a Cave

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Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade


Timpanogos Cave National Monument's free distance learning programs offer students an exciting introduction to the science behind the park.

In Earth's Changing Surface - How to make a Cave, students become geologists as they investigate the forces that have transformed and rearranged the surface of the Earth for the last 4 billion years. 

These same forces have formed the Timpanogos Cave system. The students will examine the different forces, and using observations and inferences they will hypothesize about the future surface of the Earth. 

The program is 45-50 minutes long and requires an additional 20-30 minutes of in class prep time before the program begins. 

Lesson Vocabulary: Chemical weathering, physical weathering, erode, erosion, deposition, earthquake, fault line, equator, continental drift, tectonic plates, cave, preservation.
Recommended Grade: 4th-6th

How to Participate

Registration is currently open. Schools must have video conferencing capability to dial the park's IP address at the scheduled time, or they can participate online via a Polycom RealPresence link that will be emailed to you prior. 
To participate online your classroom must have a webcam, microphone (often integrated into the webcam) and the ability to project. Read more about the connection requirements to attend a program (PDF, 517 KB)

To Register:
Fill out this form. You will be contacted shortly with a confirmation that we've received your application.

Program Materials:

Once you are scheduled for a distance learning program, the following links access the materials needed to prepare your students. 
Lesson Plan (279 KB, PDF) 
Student Article (5,959 KB, PDF)
List of Standards: (246 KB, PDF) A detailed list of the national standards this program covers. 


Document for students to review prior to the presentation.

Download Student Handout

Last updated: September 20, 2018