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Let's Go Whale Watching in Glacier Bay!

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Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade

Humpback whale fluke in Glacier Bay
Glacier Bay is home to one of the world's most intriguing marine mammals - the endangered Humpback Whale. Each year these whales make a 2,000 mile journey from their breeding grounds in Hawaii to the cold, nutrient-rich waters of the North Pacific. Once in Alaska, they spend their entire summer, up to 23 hours per day, feeding on small schooling fish. In a single gulp, a humpback whale takes in more water (15,000 gallons) than a typical home uses in 5 months. A whale's tongue alone weighs 1 ton, which a whale uses to press all that water through its built-in, food filter - its baleen. While the statistics are astounding, they can not describe the beauty and uniqueness of each individual.

Come join a Glacier Bay Park Ranger on an interactive journey to learn more about this endangered species. Students will take a look at how Humpback Whales interact with their environment and what Park Researchers are doing to protect them. 

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Scheduling and Registration:

Rangers are available to present programs in January and February. 

There are two ways to request a program:

Please contact us with questions or call us at 907-697-2573.

We look forward to visiting with your class!

Last updated: February 14, 2018