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Glen Haven Post-visit Activity

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Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
Social Studies



In this lesson students will reflect on the experiences they had while visiting Glen Haven and connect that experience to current events. They will recognize the mission of the National Park Service and how it relates to them.


After completing this lesson, the student will be able to 

  • Compare life today with life in a maritime village in the past
  • Recognize their role in remembering (preserving and protecting) the past and recording the present for the benefit of future generations.


About 1 hour


Grades 1-5
What does the word hero mean to you? 

Draw a picture, write a sentence, or write a story of someone you look up to as a hero and what makes them a hero. 

Of the jobs you saw at Glen Haven Days, which one would you like to do if you were born in the late1800s?

Draw a picture, write a sentence, or write a story of what that job might have been like and a challenging situation you might have encountered while doing that job (examples; blacksmith, laundry, surf-man, lookout station, shopkeeper).

How might that job be different in our modern times?

Please feel free to share these pictures and stories with us. We would love to see them.

Last updated: October 4, 2017