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George Washington: Father of the Nation

Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
Social Studies
State Standards:
3.H.2.2; 3.H.2.1; 3.C.2.1; 3.C.2.2; 5.H.2.2; 5.H.4.3; 5.C.1.1


This lesson is designed to help teachers explain the life of George Washington, his achievements, his contributions to the American Revolution, and his importance to the foundation of the United States.

The lesson starts off with a timeline of Washington’s life, where students will have a timeline worksheet to follow along and fill out important dates. Some key events that are discussed are the House of Burgesses, the American Revolution, Valley Forge, the Battle of Yorktown, and the Presidency.

The activities include a Washington coloring sheet, and a writing prompt. The writing prompt asks students to imagine being elected the first ever U.S. President and asks how they’re feeling and the challenges they foresee.


  • Plantation: An estate where crops are grown, most commonly by slaves in early American history.
  • Surveyor: A person who examines the land as a profession.
  • Militia: A military force raised from the civil population to support a regular army in an emergency.
  • Tariff: A tax imposed by a government on imports or exports of goods.
  • Burgess: A member or resident of a town with full citizenship.


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Last updated: March 6, 2023