Guest Speakers

Geology Rocks: The Geology of Scotts Bluff

Grade Level:
Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
State Standards:
Nebraska Science Standards:
SC.4.13 Earth's Systems: Processes That Shape the Earth SC.4.13.4 Gather and analyze data to communicate an understanding of Earth's systems and processes that shape the Earth.

Invite a park ranger from Scotts Bluff National Monument into your classroom. In this fun and engaging curriculum-based, science lesson students will work together to: 

  • To describe the difference between a "rock" and a "mineral". 
  • Define the geologic processes of weathering and erosion.
  • Use a kit to test the hardnesses of different mineral samples. 
  • Describe the geologic processes that shaped Scotts Bluff. 

Call Scotts Bluff National Monument at (308) 436-9700 to schedule this exciting lesson. 


Last updated: November 27, 2022