Field Trips

Field Trip: The Whiskey Rebellion

Grade Level:
Middle School: Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade
Social Studies
Common Core Standards:
5.SL.1, 5.SL.2, 6.SL.1, 6.SL.2, 7.SL.1, 7.SL.2, 8.SL.1, 8.SL.2

The ranger will guide the students through a slide show that asks multiple choice questions about how the students would have reacted during the whiskey rebellion.  Using the answers the students will find out if they would have been Rebels, Moderates, or Federalists. Along the way they will learn about the events in this first test of federal power, and how Albert Gallatin worked to find a solution. 

The program is offered May through October. It is presented in the Park theater and lasts 45 minutes. 

Please contact the park staff by email or by calling 724-329-2503 for more information or to make a reservation. 


The lesson plan "Gallatin and the Whiskey Rebellion" is a good pre-visit activity.

Download Lesson Plan - Gallatin and the Whiskey Rebellion

Last updated: February 18, 2023