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Bears of Glacier Bay 3: Be Bear Aware

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Middle School: Sixth Grade through Eighth Grade


Students will become “bear aware” by exploring ways to reduce human-bear interactions and applying them to different real-life scenarios. They will use critical thinking skills to make a list of considerations when camping, hiking, fishing, and at home. Students will conclude by creating a “Bear Aware Campaign” by making posters, creating podcasts or videos, or writing news stories.

Park Connections

Black and brown bears are regularly seen throughout Glacier Bay National Park, including near park headquarters and other developed areas. It is important that everyone who comes to Glacier Bay is bear aware.


Find a story about bear-human conflict in the news. Have the students discuss what should happen to the bear. How could the incident have ended differently? What could have been done to avoid the incident?  

The British Columbia Bear Aware campaign posts bear news stories at:

Additional Resources

Alaska Department of Fish and Game 

Bear aware: British Columbia Conservation Foundation 

How to Stay Safe in Bear Country  



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Last updated: October 9, 2015