Field Trips

Battlefield Footsteps: Young Historians

Grade Level:
High School: Ninth Grade through Twelfth Grade
Social Studies
Common Core Standards:
9-10.RH.3, 9-10.RH.4, 9-10.RH.10, 11-12.RH.2, 11-12.RH.3, 11-12.RH.4, 9-10.SL.1.a, 11-12.SL.1, 11-12.SL.1.a, 11-12.SL.1.c, 11-12.SL.1.d
State Standards:
PA State Standards 8.1-8.2-8.3


Young Historians Gettysburg, Day 2 is a "Battlefield Footsteps" student education program at Gettysburg National Military Park that focuses on character education and primary source examination. On the day of the Field Trip, students will "walk in the footsteps" of one of several units that participated in the Battle of Gettysburg, discovering their role and actions in the battle.

"Young Historians, Gettysburg: Day 2"--(formerly known as "Courage and the 9th Massachusetts Battery): “Retreat by prolonge, firing!” is the order as your unit is sacrificed to buy time for the infantry to plug the gaps along Cemetery Ridge. Follow in the path and harried activity of this courageous artillery unit.


This Teachers' Guide is to be used in conjunction with the Park Ranger-led "Battlefield Footsteps" student educaiton program at Gettysburg National Military Park. It contains necessary pre-visit activities, instructions for the date of your on-site visit, as well as suggestions for post-visit activities.

Download Teachers' Guide: Battlefield Footsteps

Last updated: August 17, 2022