At War

a B&W drawing of the WWII memorial; tower says 'Atlantic'

War in Europe and the Atlantic

From U-boats in the Atlantic, to D-Day and V-E Day, the War in Europe and the Atlantic is commemorated in National Parks.

pearl harbor, black and white photo of men watching planes on ground being bombed

War in the Pacific

Starting at Pearl Harbor in HI, and soon other locations horrific battles took place in Guam, American Samoa, Saipan, and Alaska's Aleutians

small boats coming ashore, mountains in background; B&W photo

War in Alaska and the Aleutian Islands

During WWII, the remote Aleutian Islands, home to the Unangan (Aleut) people for over 8,000 years, became a fiercely contested battleground.

colorized photo of artillery firing atop a fort wall

Coastal Defenses

Existing national park sites were armed to defend America's coast during the War and many forts and coastal defenses became parks post-war.

a man stands pointing handgun, with men observing behind him

Spies, Intelligence, and POWs

Across the country, seemingly innocuous, tranquil settings were hiding secrets; many of them in national parks.

Last updated: November 17, 2016

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