Oral Histories

young men before going to war


These are to stories of every day people. Young men and women who answered the call in one way or another to serve their nation during World War II. These are the unsung heroes. Our fathers and mothers or grandparents. These oral histories are the written moments shared by those who were there on the front lines whether it be in the Aleutian Islands during Imperial Japan's invasion, the story of a young man who found himself in the far reaches of Europe facing tyranny, or a young woman working on the assembly line as a "Rosie".

Oral history is the systematic collection and recording of individual memories as historical documentation. An oral historian collects memories in the same way a museum collects artifacts. In fact, many museums of modern history collect oral histories along with artifacts, ensuring that that their physical collection of objects is more fully interpreted.

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    Last updated: June 11, 2020


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