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NPS Teacher Resources on World War II - A Comprehensive Guide
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Teaching With Historic Places
Teaching with Historic Places (TwHP) uses properties listed in the National Park Service's National Register of Historic Places to enliven history, social studies, geography, civics, and other subjects. TwHP has created a variety of products and activities that help teachers bring historic places into the classroom.
Attu battlefield

Attu: North American Battleground of World War II
Examine military maps and photos to better understand why an isolated battle on a remote island in Alaska alarmed the nation.

Image of Midway

The Battle of Midway: Turning the Tide in the Pacific
Discover the important role these tiny Pacific islands played in World War II.

Eleanor Roosevelt

First Lady of the World: Eleanor Roosevelt at Val-Kill
Examine how Roosevelt's activities at home reflected her interest in humanitarianism, as epitomized by her leadership in the creation of the UN's Declaration of Human Rights.

image of Floyd Bennett sign

Floyd Bennett Field: Naval Aviation's Home in Brooklyn
Learn about the vital role played by naval aviators delivering aircraft to combat-bound units in the Pacific during WWII, and the women workers on the home front who helped in one of U.S. history's greatest industrial feats.

Harry Truman

Harry Truman and Independence, Missouri: "This is Where I Belong"
Learn why the life of the 33rd U.S. President serves as an example of civic duty and explore the town that helped form his character.

Ladd Field

Ladd Field and the Lend-Lease Mission: Defending Alaska in WWII
Discover how a small town in a remote U.S. territory played a large role in defending the United States and its allies during World War II.&nbsr

Liberty Ship

Liberty Ships and Victory Ships, America's Lifeline in War
Learn how the United States mobilized a massive construction effort to build a large merchant fleet to serve in war and peace.

USS Arizona

Remembering Pearl Harbor: The USS Arizona Memorial
Trace the course of the Japanese surprise attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, and consider the significance of the sunken USS Arizona as a war memorial.


The War Relocation Centers of World War II: When Fear Was Stronger than Justice
Learn what led the U.S. government to confine nearly 120,000 people of Japanese ancestry to relocation centers in remote areas of the country during World War II.

Last updated: November 5, 2015

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