About World War II

Two women in factory kneeling with machinery; B&W photo

On the Homefront

WWII permeated every aspect of American life. Americans mobilized, parks joined the war effort, and Japanese Americans were incarcerated.

B&W photo of exploding ships

At War

From Pearl Harbor, the Pacific front, U-boats in the Atlantic and the A-Bomb, National Parks tell the story of the US at war.

the USS Arizona memorial and shipwreck from above

Memorials and Healing

Parks are places of healing, hosting recreation camps and military hospitals during the war and preserving memorials forever after.

4 african american men in flack jackets and bomber jackets walk along airfield

Breaking Barriers

WWII pushed the US into defining moments of realization about centuries long cultural beliefs regarding race and gender.

Bronze statue, greened, of Franklin D Roosevelt in cape

Leaders & Shapers

During WWII, leaders emerged at war and on the homefront. The war was also a turning point for many who would lead the post-war nation.

Last updated: November 17, 2016

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