Shaping the Political Landscape

While women historically were excluded from public life until recently, they still participated in shaping the political landscape of the country. They formed community organizations, advocated for new legislation, and challenged discriminatory laws and policies. They gathered in their homes, in rented offices spaces, and in public libraries to meet, discuss, and enact change.

Image Lyndon B Johnson signing Voting Rights Act, 1965.
Women and the Civil Rights Movement

Women played a crucial role in galvanizing the Civil Rights Movement. Learn more about the role they played in furthering legislation.

Image of Goddard's name on Declaration of Independence, Nps photo.
Mary Katharine Goddard Takes a Stance

Mary Katharine Goddard's name appears on a printed Declaration of Independence. Who was she? Find out!

black and white photo of Ida B Wells. Wikimedia
Black Women and Struggle for Equality

Black women have always served on the front-line in the fight for equality.

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