Migration & Immigration

Life in North America began with migrations many thousands of years ago.The stories of migration and immigration include themes of conquest, violence, exploration, and growth. Countless women are part of the American migration story due to the trans-Atlantic slave trade, the forced removal of Native Americans, and the expanding boarders of the US due to political policies and European colonization. This movement changed the fabric of the country as America is a mosaic of the migration stories of the people here today.

Map of North America and Africa with arrows indicating exchange of goods and people.
Women and the Middle Passage

Learn the stories of those who survived the Middle Passage, including Phillis Wheatley.

Switchboard operator for the Presidio, date unknown. NPS photo.
Women of the Presidio

The Presidio impacted the lives of many people throughout its long history, including Juana Briones and Eda Blankart Funston.

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