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A young living history volunteer at Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial's bicentennial commemoration

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What would you have done if you or someone in your family was asked to defend your home? How would you react to the sounds of boot steps and cannon blasts echoing against the buildings in your community? What was it like for kids and adults to live in the early 1800s? Where did they work? Where did they learn? How did they eat? Where did they buy their groceries?

Learning about the War of 1812 is fun for all ages! These games explore the difficult decision of going to war, and what life was like for kids like you and communities like the one you live in during this conflict in the early 1800s.

  • A Sailor's Life for Me Explore the life of a sailor during the War of 1812
  • Cast Your Vote Will it be war or peace? The vote in 1812 was one of the closest in history. How do you vote?
  • Powder Monkey Did you know kids served on ships, too? Learn what it meant to be a "powder monkey"
  • Protect the Harbor What do the Great Wall of China, Alcatraz and Fort McHenry have in common? Location, location, location!
  • A Whaling Adventure! Life as a merchant in the 1800s wasn't easy, but someone needed to bring goods back to port

Last updated: September 6, 2023


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