Icon Protection/Counter-terrorism

U.S. Park Police officers are charged with protecting National Icons such as the Statue of Liberty, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and other well known monuments and memorials. This is accomplished through diligent patrol efforts; and coordination and assistance from our Intelligence/Counter-Terrorism Unit and our Icon Protection Unit.
While serving the Force nationwide, the Intelligence/Counter-Terrorism Branch is located in Washington, DC, and reports directly to the Commander, Homeland Security Division. The Intelligence/Counter-Terrorism Unit is responsible for collecting, analyzing, and disseminating all forms of domestic and foreign information and intelligence that may impact the mission of the United States Park Police. The Branch also monitors First Amendment activities to include demonstrations, protests, marches, and gatherings on National Park Service property to ensure compliance with Federal rules and regulations in an effort to provide a safe environment for all individuals, as well as to protect natural and cultural resources. The Branch participates in numerous intelligence sharing environments that provide real time situational awareness of events around the nation and world to senior leadership. The Branch is also active in several intelligence working groups that provide networking capabilities with virtually every Federal, State, and local law enforcement agency in the region. All this serves to provide Force decisionmakers with the most up-to-date tactical and strategic information and intelligence available.
To report suspicious activity that you feel may be terrorist related and a threat to our National Parks, Parkways, and Monuments call 911.
"See Something, Say Something" TM Campaign
The U.S. Park Police participate in the Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) "See Something, Say Something" TM campaign. We encourage you to report suspicious behavior and situations to the U.S. Park Police. Examples of suspicious behavior include observing an unattended backpack in a public place or someone trying to break into a restricted area.
USPP - If you See Something Say Something Campaign Poster

Last updated: March 14, 2022