The Three Principles in Action

Be Relevant to All Americans
Achieving greater relevancy is a complex but vital challenge for the National Park Service. The Urban Agenda challenges national parks and programs operating in both cities and more distant locations to creatively rethink how to connect with urban America. Relevancy requires an developing an integrated approach that focuses on relevancy in the NPS workforce, inclusive sites and stories, and park design and uses.

Activate One NPS
Imagine the collective power the NPS could have if we truly performed as a "system" of national parks and programs. The One NPS principle focuses on engaging the entire NPS in coordinated conservation, education, economic, and recreation efforts.

Nurture a Culture of Collaboration
Put simply, the National Park Service can't go in alone in urban areas. The edges and intersections of city and park boundaries remind us of the need for interdependency with our neighbors. Working in dynamic urban environments in an era of financial constraint means that no single division, program, park, or the agency itself, has sufficient resources or knowledge to address problems on their own. A culture of collaboration that fosters mutual respect, strong working relationships, and shared operational goals is required to activate One NPS successfully.

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    Last updated: March 29, 2016