Blurring Jurisdictions to Serve Common Goals


Healthy Parks, Healthy People: Bay Area

Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) partners with over forty public health, healthcare, land management, and community organizations in a collaboration called Healthy Parks Healthy People: Bay Area. Together, these organizations provide a suite of culturally-relevant programming that supports communities with high health needs to access and enjoy parks. HPHP Bay Area programs now take place in 35 parks, serving over 100 new park users in the Bay Area each month

Before taking action, NPS staff attended a series of meetings with pediatricians and public health personnel to better understand the needs of San Francisco's most underserved communities. The NPS also collaborated with other park agencies, such as East Bay Regional Park District and San Francisco Recreation &Parks, to map the current state of recreation offerings in the region. A nonprofit partner, the Institute at the Golden Gate, served as a neutral facilitator to help partners across fields identify a common agenda and continues to coordinate action and collect program data that informs collective decision-making.

Last updated: March 31, 2015