About Our Turf

Across the nation, the National Park Service (NPS) manages a diverse array of proprieties with turf, with different types of turf, under a variety of conditions. Our turf management professionals take these factors in account and apply different management approaches. This maximizes the effectiveness of our turf management practices and ensures that the beauty of our turf contributes to our iconic and treasured landscapes.

Growing Zones
NPS properties ecompass three growing climates for turf: cool season, warm season, and the transition zone and completely span the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone map.

Types of Turf
The National Park Service manages all lawn-type grasses as well as all native grasses.
Types of Grass Areas
The NPS has a wide range of grass areas including:
  • formal lawns
  • recreational areas
  • cemeteries
  • battlefields
  • meadows
  • farms
  • putting greens
  • orchards

Last updated: November 20, 2017