historic postcard of a street, with shaker buildings, in alfred

Alfred Shaker Historic District

Located in Maine, Alfred was founded in 1793. This Shaker community was abandoned in 1931, and several members moved to Sabbathday Lake

small, syrup room with whitewashed wooden walls

Canterbury Shaker Village

This New Hampshire Shaker village was established in 1792 with the construction of the community's Meeting House

large, austere stone building

Enfield Shaker Museum

This New Hampshire Shaker community was established in 1793 on Lake Mascoma. Like many, it disbanded in the early 20th century

sheep grazing in front of a circular stone barn

Hancock Shaker Village

Hancock Village was established in western Massachusetts in the late 1780s, and survived into the 1950s

large yellow building flanked by an orchard

Harvard Shaker Village Historic District

Located in Harvard, Massachusetts, this Shaker village was second established in the United States

historic photo of a white church with a rounded roof

Mount Lebanon Shaker Society

Mount Lebanon Shaker Society, in New York, was the religion's spiritual center. The last Shaker died there in 1947

historic photo of a building in a rural setting

North Union Shaker Site

This Ohio Shaker community was established in 1822, and eventually disbanded in 1889

row of white clapboard buildings in Sabbathday Lake

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village

Sabbathday Lake Shaker Village in Maine was founded in 1782 and is the only surviving Shaker community in the world

looking up a spiral staircase in pleasant hill

Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill

Pleasant Hill was the first Shaker community founded in Kentucky, and is known for its architectural feats

two-story brick building surrounded by trees in early fall

Shirley Shaker Village

Located in Massachusetts, Shirley Shaker Village was founded in 1793 and eventually dissolved in 1908

shaker bed room with three beds, wooden bed frames, and simple quilts

South Union Shaker Village

South Union Shaker Village is located in Kentucky, and it was the longest lived western Shaker community

black and white photo of a brick building in a rural setting

Tyringham Shaker Historic District

Tyringham, founded in 1792, was the fourth Shaker village created in Massachusetts. It eventually disbanded in 1874

herb garden with a brick building in the background

Watervliet Shaker Historic District

Watervliet, located outside of Albany, New York, was the first Shaker settlement in the United States

brick building featuring two white doors

White Water Shaker Village

White Water Shaker Village was the fourth and last Shaker community established in Ohio. It disbanded in the early 20th century

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