Florida Shipwrecks: 300 Years of Maritime History

The waters around Florida have been swarming with ships for more than 6,000 years. This travel itinerary highlights 13 historic shipwrecks listed in the National Register of Historic Places that are accessible to divers and reveal the wonders and mysteries of Florida's maritime past. Florida's shipwrecks are important for many different reasons. Shipwrecks contain important information not found in history books or archival records and can supplement our understanding of the past.

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diver at shipwreck
Brief Maritime History of Florida

A long, flat peninsula surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean, Florida has a long and rich maritime history.

DWP Youth divers
Diving with a Purpose

DWP is a community-focused nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation and protection of submerged heritage resources.

Ponce de Leon
Juan Garrido

An African conquistador who served under Ponce de Leon.

map of De Soto's expedition
The Calusa

The Calusa were a populous, sedentary, and politically complex society in southwest Florida.

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