USS Torsk painted as a shark docked in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

USS Torsk

A Tench class submarine built for World War II, the USS Torsk prevented supplies from reaching Japan, which contributed to a US victory.

SS John Brown on the water

SS John W. Brown

This ship is one of two surviving operational Liberty ships that kept supply lines open to US troops and allies during World War II.

The Baltimore docked, on the water, people on it in the process of restoring it.

The Baltimore

Explore the Baltimore, the oldest operating steam-powered tugboat.

Photograph of the front and side of the Star-Spangled Banner Flag House.

Star-Spangled Banner Flag House

In this house, Mary Pickersgill sewed the Star-Spangled Banner Flag that inspired the creation of our national anthem.

USCGC Taney docked in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.


The USCGC Taney is the only surviving ship that defended the Pearl Harbor navy base on December 7, 1941.

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