Austin F. Williams Carriagehouse and House
Austin F. Williams Carriagehouse

Learn about the role that the carriagehouse served for the Mende Africans

First Church of Christ, Farmington CT
First Church of Christ

Learn about the church that the Mende Africans attended while in Connecticut

horace cowles house
Horace Cowles House

Learn about the Horace Cowles House, where one Mende girl was housed before returning to Africa

john treadwell norton house
John Treadwell Norton House

Learn about John Treadwell Norton, who played a large in bringing the Mende to Farmington

postcard areal view of new haven green
New Haven Green

The Mende Africans exercised on the New Haven Green and it was a place for their supports to congregate. Learn more about it's significance

1803 drawing of Yale in new haven
New Haven Museum

The New Haven Museum has several artifacts associated with the Amistad and the Mende trial

exterior of new london customhouse
New London Customhouse

Learn about the place where items from the Amistad were auctioned

Noah Porter House
Noah Porter House

Learn more about the family that housed three Mende girls after the trials.

view of the top of the old statehouse
Old Statehouse

The Amistad trial was held at the Old Statehouse for two months. Learn more about the site

Samuel Deming House
Samuel Deming House

The Demings housed several Mende Africans after their release, and their house served as the Mende classroom

Stanley-Whitman House
Stanley-Whitman House

Learn about the house where the Mende Africans were required to perform household chores while in Connecticut

connecticut state library and supreme court building facade
State Library & Supreme Court Building

The Connecticut State Library and Supreme Court Building houses several artifacts associated with the Amistad

image of a national register plaque
Timothy Cowles House

Learn more about the Timothy Cowles House, where one of the Mende girls stayed before returning to Africa

architectural drawing of the United Church on the Green
United Church on the Green

Learn more about the church and it's members who organized the defense for the Africans

Last updated: July 24, 2017