oil painting of the amistad
Amistad: How it Began

Learn about the background that lead to the decision in US vs. Amistad

view of the US supreme court
The Legal Battle

How did the legal battle develop and lead to the Supreme Court decision in US vs. Amistad?

abolitionist publication
Connecticut Abolitionists

Learn about the abolitionist movement in Connecticut, and how it fit into the national dialogue

painting entitled "slave dance and music"
The Amistad: A Contextual Timeline

Download this timeline to better understand the context in which the Amistad event occurred

oil painting of Sengbe Pieh
The Amistad: A Detailed Timeline

This timeline provides a detailed account of events regarding the Mendes' capture, the seizure of the Amistad, and the trials that followed

Last updated: July 24, 2017