South Amana, Iowa

children standing in a schulwald


Schulwalds are groves of trees planted by residents of Amana. Learn about their roles in the Colonies

exterior of the amana society bakery

Amana Society Bakery

Bakeries provided bread and other baked goods to the villages in Amana. Learn about the Amana Society Bakery and its role in the village

kinderschule exterior

South Amana School

Schools in the Amana colonies provided for children from two to 14. In addition to general education, children would learn trades

exterior of the Lower South Hotel

Lower South Hotel

The Lower South Hotel accommodated tourists flocking to the Amana Colonies. Learn about it here

henry moore's miniature barns

The Barn Museum

The Barn Museum houses the largest collection of miniatures, made by Henry Moore. Learn about it here

exterior of the baeckerei

Baeckerei Bed and Breakfast

The Backerei was one of South Amana's bakeries. It was converted into a bed and breakfast, which has since closed

Last updated: January 4, 2018